Rev. Dennis Avery Dalton Jr. is the pastor of High View Baptist Church in Roxboro, N.C. Rev. Dalton is the President of the RCA Board. He was ordained into the ministry in 2009.  He grew up in Keeling Va. and graduated from Dan River High School in 1989.  Rev. Dalton has been involved in RCA for 12 years in multiple levels, from coaching basketball, being a parent of an RCA student, to serving on the Board.  He has also been involved in ministry leadership for 25+ years.  Rev. Dalton desires to see RCA be a thriving, solid Christian education opportunity for the families of our community.

A random fact about Rev. Dalton: He cannot sing but often talks too loud.

Mr. Engle has been a faith member of Westwood Baptist Church in Roxboro, N.C. for 15 years. Mr. Engle serves as the Vice-President of the RCA Board. He also serves as a pastor in the areas of student ministry, education, and discipleship at Westwood Baptist Church. Mr. Engle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from North Greenville University, a Master of Art in Biblical Studies from Liberty University,  a Master in Divinity in Christian Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with a focus in student ministry and discipleship.

Mr. Engle had the privilege of teaching Bible classes for a few years at RCA some years ago.  He has taught both online and in the classroom at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Mr. Engle loves to teach. His desire is to see teachers grow in engaging their students. He has been graciously allowed to pursue education for himself that has allowed him to become equipped by many wonderful mentors in the areas of theology, discipleship, and education.  He desires to use that gift in serving others as God allows.

Mr. Engle desires to see RCA become a place that captures the imaginations of students by helping them see the reality of God and his good intentions and plan for his creation.  That students would see the supremacy of King Jesus in all areas of study and respond to him by treasuring him above all else.  He desires to see RCA come beside parents, who are the primary faith influencers of their children, in leading students to know God and worship him rightly as disciples as they discover who they are created to be in his image.

A random fact about Mr. Engle: he loves to travel and experience new cultures, and God has graciously allowed him to experience some really incredible places through some of the mission partnerships at Westwood Baptist Church.

Joy McDowell serves as Secretary of the RCA Board.  She is a faithful member of Westwood Baptist Church in Roxboro, N.C. Ms. McDowell has a Masters in Education.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Meredith College and a Masters in Education from Campbell University.  Ms. McDowell has 25+ years experience in Christian education, as a teacher and as an administrator. Ms. McDowell feels that God has called her to serve Him in Christian education through her experience and to serve God in His work.  Her desire for RCA is to share the gospel, build up believers to walk with Christ daily. Ms. McDowell wants to provide the academic setting to study, reflect, and discern truth and not be  deceived by false teaching.  It is her hope that students and families would honor God by walking humbly with Him.

A random fact about Ms. McDowell: her first year of teaching was at RCA, a combination class of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

J. Ronald Hass, Ph.D. is a faithful member of Westwood Baptist Church.  Dr. Hass earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Appalachian State University.  He also earned his PH.D. in Analytical Chemistry, from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr. Hass brings to the Board a scientific method with a Christian perspective to solving problems.  He has had hands on business management experience, and 27 years of educational background at the university level.  Dr. Hass desires to provide the opportunity for a quality education to children and youth with a Christian world view.

A random fact about Dr. Hass: he is an 8th generation North Carolinian.

Mrs. Clayton is a faithful member of Berry's Grove Baptist Church located in Timberlake, N.C. Mrs. Clayton graduated from New Providence High School in New Providence, New Jersey.  She earned a Bachelor of Art in History with Secondary Social Studies Certification from Meredith College.  Mrs. Clayton also holds certificate in History through the Association of Christian Schools International and has been certified by Precept Ministries.  She has taught in the public school system for 20 years and in Christian schools for 20 years. Mrs. Clayton realizes the difference a Christian school can make in the lives of students and their families.  Academics being taught from a Biblical Worldview is a complete education that she hopes will enable students to see God's unfolding plan of the ages and to see their place in His plan.

Mrs. Clayton has a vested interest in working to make RCA outstanding in every aspect, she has a grandson that is a current student of RCA. She has a burden for RCA to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects.  Her prayer is that RCA partner with families to offer excellence in education and discipleship for our students.  She also prays that we stand firm in our community as a beacon of God's love and righteousness.

A random fact about Mrs. Clayton: in her last year of teaching, to establish her credentials, she told her students that she was like Farmer's Insurance.... "I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two!"