Welcome to RCA

RCA was established in 1976 to serve our community by providing a Christian education to the children placed in our care.  RCA offers a quality, Biblically based academic program for children Pre-K through Grade 12. The vision of RCA is to see the name of Jesus Christ exalted in all that we do. To remain faithful to our mission and hold true to our core values. To be made up of faithful followers of Christ who are well qualified to work faithfully to provide a superior Christian education and disciple making environment. So that, we become and remain a viable option to every family who shares our values and desires a Christian education and to see that every child that God entrust us with has an opportunity to be educated and equipped by faithful followers of Christ. Faithful in word and deed. To partner with and be regarded by our community of churches, not as a church, but as a trustworthy, multifaceted resource for the Church in assisting families in education and equipping children to be disciples of Christ. 

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ by partnering with Christian families and local Bible believing churches in providing a Christ-centered, academically challenged, and college-preparatory education.  It is also our aim to equip students to be well-rounded members of the community and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.  Roxboro Christian Academy believes that there is no separation between the secular and the sacred and, therefore, our staff seek to live in such a way that testifies to our faith and trust in Christ and His Word whether on or off campus.

Core Values

Spiritual Growth ~ Board members, administration and staff whose highest priority is their personal walk and growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ and model that to students and parents alike.

Ministry Calling ~ Helping others to strive toward their educational and spiritual goals.

Personal success and development ~ The school will foster an environment that foments and encourages staff and volunteers to reach their personal and professional potential.

Relational Evangelism ~ Communicating life changing truths of Jesus Christ to students, parents and fellow workers through personal growth, trusting relationships, faithful work and service.

Organizational Integrity ~ All Board members, administration, staff, and volunteers should be committed to the highest ethical standards in ministry and management.

Biblical Integrity ~ We believe the Bible to be God's inspired authoritative word, that guides, not only individuals, but the school in decisions and direction.

Necessity of the local church ~ We believe all maturing children of God should have a meaningful, committed relationship to a local New Testament assembly of believers. Where they worship, serve, grow and exercise their spiritual gifts in the fulfilling of the Great Commission. RCA is not a church but made up of born-again believers who work to assist local churches by education and equipping students for discipleship.