Mission Statement

Our Mission is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ by partnering with Christian families and local Bible believing churches in providing Christ-centered, academically challenging preparatory education. While also assisting in equipping students to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Spiritual Growth ~ Board members, administration and staff whose highest priority is their personal walk and growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ and model that to students and parents alike.

Ministry Calling ~ Helping others to strive toward their educational and spiritual goals.

Personal success and development ~ The school will foster an environment that foments and encourages staff and volunteers to reach their personal and professional potential.

Relational Evangelism ~ Communicating life changing truths of Jesus Christ to students, parents and fellow workers through personal growth, trusting relationships, faithful work and service.

Organizational Integrity ~ All Board members, administration, staff, and volunteers should be committed to the highest ethical standards in ministry and management.

Biblical Integrity ~ We believe the Bible to be God's inspired authoritative word, that guides, not only individuals, but the school in decisions and direction.

Necessity of the local church ~ We believe all maturing children of God should have a meaningful, committed relationship to a local New Testament assembly of believers. Where they worship, serve, grow and exercise their spiritual gifts in the fulfilling of the Great Commission. RCA is not a church, but made up of born again believers who work to assist local churches by education and equipping students for discipleship.